2012 Predictions for the Ox

It appears to be an ever-changing year for the Ox although if you play your cards right and follow all the advice here along with the year 2012 can be good for wealth, career and general luck but you need to be careful throughout the year and work hard during this fast paced Dragon year. 


  • Those Ox born in 1973 need to keep a very close eye on their spending in 2012, especially during public holidays. Your social life will take a big turn this year and will increase a great deal which can be a great opportunity for single oxen to find a new partner. 
  • 2012 offers good opportunities for the Ox and you can expect new relationships and even rekindle existing ones. Your year will be busy but leave some time for play and make sure you take plenty of rest. 
  • Be be careful with your spending in 2012 as your increase in social events can lead to overspending on social events.
  • Your busy lifestyle can cause you to become unhealthy in 2012 so please make sure to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and get plenty of exercise, especially Oxen born in 1961. 
  • Money can be good for Ox this year although you need to be very careful not to spend too much. 
  • If you are employed, job promotions could be on the cards but you will still need to prove yourself. 
  • For the Ox born in 1961 & 1973 be careful of relationships as a busy year can make you neglectful so be sure to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.
  • Ox born in 1949 can expect good news in 2012 but they must be careful with paperwork and matters in the workplace throughout the year. 
  • Ox born in 1973 must take care of their health and consider a change in their diet and ensure you drink plenty of water especially if you live in a hot country. 
  • It may be a mixed year but whatever has been unresolved in the last few years will come to a head in 2012 and I think you will like the news.
  • As an Ox you are in affinity with the Rat. For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Rat with you at all times throughout the year. 


Thanks to :http://www.fengshuiweb.co.uk/advice/chineseanimalpredictions2012.htm#Ox


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