Solution: Cannot Open Windows Task Manager

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I was really having a hard time fixing this problem and I have to browse from one website to another trying to fix it but to no avail….

then in one instant I accidentally came across this great site and in a flash I just solved the problem without even going to the pc butler!!!  So indeed, I saved a lot of money and I’ve learned a few things here and there… kudos to them!!!

This is a very simple instruction….

  • Go to Start > Run .
  • Type gpedit.msc and then press Enter.
  • In the Group Policy window, go to the path, User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Ctrl + Alt + Del Option .
  • Double click on the Remove Task Manager which is in the right hand of the Group Policy window.
  • In the Remove Task Manager Properties, select Disabled and then click Ok.

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2014 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Rabbit

Rabbit-2014-almanacOverall, the year of the Horse is promising for the Rabbit but they will need to keep an eye on their spending and be sure not to tire themselves out from the stress of added work and too many social events.


  • The year of the Horse is one that will go very well for the Rabbit with many good career prospects and exciting times although they may get frustrated at times with the pace of the year as there will be a lot to handle at once for the Rabbit in 2014.
  • One of the highlights of the Rabbits year will be their social life which will be filled with many events and opportunities to meet new people and make some really good connections in the financial world.
  • Career will be very good for the Rabbit in 2014 and they should see lot of opportunities coming their way during the year of the Horse, although they should understand and accept that work can get a bit too much for the Rabbit throughout the year and should bear with it and there will eventually be a light at the end of the tunnel for them.
  • The Rabbit will sometimes want to work at their own steady speed but would really benefit from acting fast and trying to keep up with what is going on to get the best results although do not overwork yourself too much as this could cause a lot of stress for the Rabbit.
  • Rabbits that are unsatisfied in their job or are currently looking for work in the year of the Horse should be very successful and there could be major openings to get in to their ideal career this year although they will need to stay focused in their job hunt and will need to keep their eye out for open positions.
  • The Rabbit has many skills and in the year of the Horse, this will attract many new people to the Rabbit which will do all kinds of favours for them as people will want to be of use to the Rabbit in 2014.
  • There will be many social events for the Rabbit during the year of the Horse and there are predictions that the Rabbit would do well if they are organising any events this year.
  • The Rabbits life at home will be very calm and relaxed this year although you will need to make sure that everyone in the home has input during the year of the Horse as this could cause problems if not; make sure that you talk to family members about all important decisions.
  • To make the best of home life in 2014, it would be a good idea to spend a lot of time together in family activities; this could be family days out or simply just a movie night at home but this will go a long way if you stick together during the year.
  • Romance is looking promising due to the Rabbits increase in social status which will benefit single Rabbits although Rabbits in a relationship should avoid harmless flirting during the year of the Horse and this could give off the wrong idea and cause many unwanted problems.
  • There will be many opportunities for the Rabbit to share moments with their loved one and it would be a good idea to spend time together when possible to build their relationship.
  • Finances will require some care during 2014 as the Rabbits rise in social life will be very demanding and there is risk of money leaving as soon as it comes in so please be sure to know your limits on social events and try to budget throughout the year to avoid any debts.
  • The Rabbits career opportunities could see a rise income but again, they will have to be very careful with their spending if they wish to remain financially stable during the year.
  • Overall, the year of the Horse is promising for the Rabbit but they will need to keep an eye on their spending and be sure not to tire themselves out from the stress of added work and too many social events. Enjoy a fantastic year of the Horse You are in affinity with the Dog.
  • For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Dog.
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2014 Chinese Animal Predictions for the Ox


Overall the year of the Horse will be a successful one for the Ox although you will need to adapt fairly early to changes, keep to a good exercise routine and diet plan and will need to work on relationships.


  • 2014 is predicted to be an eventful year for the Ox and one where they shall need to learn to adapt and adjust to changes quickly or they could see themselves left behind and missing out on some very good opportunities presented to them.
  • If you are able to accept change and learn to adapt at the beginning of the year, you will do well in 2014 and could see many good opportunities come your way throughout the year.
  • With career, the Ox has the opportunity to build on their career which can also lead to a rise in income which benefits the Ox overall in life.
  • For Oxen looking to change career, there will be opportunities throughout 2014  and this can work to their advantage as there will be some good positions opening for the Ox in the year of the Horse but please do not go for a job unless you are qualified as this could backfire on you.
  • Finances are on the up in 2014 but please remember to keep an eye where money is concerned and seek professional advice on big purchases this year as there is risk of problems where finances are concerned which can cause problems overall if there is a big financial loss.
  • It would be wise to always double check the terms and conditions when purchasing something of value. Overall finances will be good as long as you are careful with your outgoings and investments.
  • Oxen should keep an eye on their health this year as there are predictions of tiring yourself out and minor illnesses which can take its toll on you. Try to stay as active as possible in the year of the Horse; this could be in the form of joining a gym and following a regular workout routine or maybe starting a new hobby like walking, cycling or jogging with friends or alone to keep you fit and active.
  • You should also focus on your diet this year; a takeaway every now and again is no problem but please remember to eat healthy when possible.
  • Relaxation is also vital in 2014 for the Ox as this can help a great deal keeping stress levels down and good therapy.
  • Oxen should find that there are many memorable moments to be had in 2014 and this can bring a great deal of joy to them as these memories will be with them forever.
  • There are predictions of parties in the Oxen’s honour in 2014 to celebrate their successes at home and at work so stay determined to do well this year and the rewards will be plentiful.
  • Social life for the Ox will be very good this year and a family vacation will be beneficial in 2014 for everyone attending.
  • Oxen should see a rise in social events with friends in 2014 which will help strengthen bonds between friends now and in the future; try to take time out to socialise whenever possible but please also remember to spend some time by yourself so you do not tire yourself out and become susceptible to illness or stress.
  • The year of the Horse is a good year for spending some time with friends and growing relationships.
  • Romances are not the greatest for the Ox in the year of the Horse although this does not mean that there will be no chance of new relationships or strengthening existing relationships.
  • Relations of the heart will require some work in 2014 and the Ox will need to stay committed to making this work if they wish to carry on with the relationships. If you are in a long term relationship with someone, it would be a good idea to take a romantic trip in 2014 although only if you can afford it.
  • Finances will be good and social outings will be plentiful but please remember to take some time out for yourself this year and enjoy a happy and prosperous 2014. As an Ox you are in affinity with the Rat.
  • For your protection, you should have a key chain pendant of a Rat with you at all times throughout the year.
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